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Whether it’s the post-purchase automation, the revenue generation, the crazy easy-to-use platform, or our outstanding customer support our clients have tons of reasons to love Rush.

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Roma Designer Jewelry
Arms Of Eve

We previously used Aftership, and can honestly say that Rush is leaps and bounds more superior than Aftership.- Using Aftership, they will add their branding in so many areas/properties that you own like in your site, in the order confirmation page, they even pester your customers with SMS and to download their app. Rush on the other hand is very clean and they don't require their branding on any of your assets. They integrate with other software like Klaviyo so well, giving you as a store owner so much more control over your messaging and branding with your customers. Rush Customer service (Gabriel and team) is excellent, one of the best we've experienced - they respond promptly, provide fixes and advice very promptly and overall always down to help and make their customers happy. The software is always expanding and growing. You'll see a few features in the pipeline under the settings tab which are really exciting like PayPal integration. Honestly, I can go on and on about how good this software is. There is a little but of a learning curve when you first run with Rush, but after you understand it in more detail you realize how essential and powerful it is. Courier mapping needs to be a little more fleshed out, however, there are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of small couriers so it's understandable that not everything is there. The major couriers like USPS, Royal Mail etc works well. Rush team, keep up the good work!

Tatami Kids

From the start their team is very responsive, and more than willing to help with anything they can. We had an issue on our end that was totally not related to them — they reached out to inquire if we were able to resolve it. We're in the final phase of getting the store/app launched, but the on-boarding process has been nothing short of SUPERB! On top of that they offered to setup and integrate special flows within in our Klaviyo platform to optimize the app even further (game changer). And, offered to customize our tracking page. The app has so MANY great features that are needed, with an amazing team behind it! . Also, check out who is backing the app... you won't be disappointed. Rush is on point — HIGHLY recommend it!


I’M NOT A COMMENT BOT You’ll only find benefits in integrating this app into your store, they have the best customer support I’ve seen. I was having a lot of issues trying to set everything the best way and Cherry and Gabriel were beside me ALL THE TIME! We solved all the problems by a phone call I arranged -they give you this option in case you’re having some issues as I did- and they helped me with excellence. They have ambitions and it seems they’re trying their best to give customers a great experience edit: these guys are damn fast to answer a question it's quite unbelievable =)

La Farfalla Co

We've recently implemented Rush across both of our Shopify stores and it has been a great addition. Already our number of customer service tickets querying order status have decreased, and we are seeing revenue generated from the email flows. The integration with Klaviyo works well, and the branded tracking page has been a nice bonus for our website and customer experience. We're excited to continue building out the options an use the feature to their full advantage.

Kester Black Australia

Incredible app! I've never experienced this level of onboarding, customer service and support before.. Originally I chose Trackingmore, but this was pretty basic and cost me a lot of time. Rush is more expensive, but they have given me a personal Slack group for all my questions, made me banner creatives for upselling, and an entire branded Klaviyo e-mail flow for tracking updates. They reply within seconds (with actual solutions), 10/10 would recommend!

Ritzy Company

You would find service like this at a 5 star resort! From the moment we signed up for the app, to the onboarding process the team has been nothing short of amazing. They encouraged zoom meetings to ensure we knew how to take advantage of every aspect of their platform and they even suggested a few things to optimize our email communication related to shipping. These guys are the real deal and the app is incredibly feature-rich.

Nova Color

We moved all our 9 stores from Aftership, and before that 17track to Rush! The tracking app is a great addition to the store! We made an extra $ from the upsell we have added on the tracking page and Klaviyo flows! Really easy to integrate with Klaviyo and their team built custom shipping flows for us. The information they provide with the advanced report is incredible. We only wish we had found it faster.


Before integrating Rush we were using a fictional order tracking app where orders were not tracked real-time. Having switched to Rush, we are now able to provide our customers with a better customer experience. Besides this we are also noticing less volume for our Customer Service as the tool ensures that less customers are sending e-mails about the status of their packages. We are happy with Rush!

Vendena Danmark

With Rush now on both of our Shopify stores, it has been one of our best updates of the last year. There is revenue coming from the email flows and our setup is currently very basic. Support from the team during setup has been excellent, helping solve any little issues that presented along the way. We would definitely recommend it to help improve customer experience and order status transparency.

Kester Black New Zealand

This app works well. The customer service representative, KenMichael, was very responsive and helpful. He helped to resolve our issue immediately and was communicative throughout the process. For a free plan, this app packs a lot of functions. It is very useful for a consistent brand image. The pricing plans also seem very reasonable, as it takes into account the growth of your store. Awesome!


what a genius idea behind this app! As a consumer I definitely click on the tracking page as an item gets shipped to me. I also appreciate those "shipment delivered" emails, so I'm happy to find an app that helps me do this as a business. The integration with Klaviyo is key - the app support does the entire Klaviyo flow for us so that's awesome. Support is very helpful! Highly recommended.

Virginia Boys Kitchens

The Rush team is on their A game over there. The on-boarding process was seamless. To optimize the app even further than it already is, they offered to setup and integrate special flows within our Klaviyo platform (game changer). The app has so MANY great features that are needed, with such an awesome team behind it (Gabriel & Ken you guys rock!). HIGHLY recommend you get this app.

Kollekt Skincare

We would highly recommend any merchant who wants to improve their customer experience to implement Rush. We have seen a decrease in volume of customers asking for the whereabouts of their package due to the real live tracking and detailed flows In Klaviyo. Next to that, we have been able to improve the ROI of customers navigating to our order tracking page.

Lanora Sweden

I installed this app since more than 2 weeks now, and I really think it's one of the best on the market. In fact, the onboarding is really easy, the dashboards easy to understand, there are some important analytics easy to access, and much more! Since installed, I have not had any customers ask where their order was <3 Continue the great work Rush :)


A++++ I used a couple of other shipping apps in the past but none compare to Rush. The tracking link provides customers with “where is my parcel?” updates which has reduced queries for our customer service team. Now if there are delivery problems it is with the courier not with Rush. Great notification options too. I would recommend Rush.

Best Pet Store

The most common query we were getting is "where is my order?" Rush has helped reduce those queries by at least 80%. We still receive those questions but more often than not the query relates to a genuine query about an order delay. Customers love the regular notifications and the ability to self serve and check progress via the link.

Best Toy Store!

The app is exactly what I need! The setup is very quick and the Rush team is a great support. We are happy to use the tool for our dropshipping stores as it has a blacklisting feature! I would recommend to anyone starting their online store and wants to increase the order tracking and customer experience for their customers!

Vimeda Oslo

This app does exactly what I needed. To show my customers their order tracking information, but on our website. The tracking page design looks very nice. Also the support from customer service is really good. We received help within minutes and were able to change the settings so that te page looked exactly like we wanted.

Nummer Schilder Store

Brilliant idea and great way to keep your customers engaged with your brand as they track their orders. The customer support is excellent and very personalized. Overall a great service, still working our a few bugs, but I have no doubt their service will continue to improve and become a top shopify extension.


The team at Rush have been extremely helpful. Adding the app and setting up the tracking page was a snap, but then the Rush team helped me add some upsell/crosell banners to my checkout page, and helped me draft email flows so my customers get tracking updates via email. I could not recommend Rush enough.

Mushy Beds

Great visualization of the tracking page. Customers are impressed with the look as well as the information received about their purchases. They create security about the store and give customers peace of mind about their purchases by keeping them constantly informed. Great shipment tracking app.


I used RUSH to present a nice tracking page for our customers and to increase the number of reviews we got for our products. The customer service has been amazing. Very quick, efficient and responsive. They were able to assist me with all my questions and requests and have been very helpful.


The app is great and offers a pretty good price / performance ratio for us. However the support is what really sets the app appart. We had some issues with the DHL tracking and after flagging them the entire tracking was redesigned within a week. Can 100% recommend Rush and their team!

Zeitgeist Vintage

The support is great and they help me with all my questions. They even designed my Klaviyo flows, and build a custom tracking page for me. Next to that, the tracking is just very good and you have very detailed information on your shipments. Will not use any other app again.

Valice Stockholm

Strongly recommend! Helped us to solve the constant 'where is my order' email influx, customer support guys are extremely happy about that :) Easy to set up, use, and manage (as the UX is amazing). Excellent integration with Klaviyo and so far, did not have any issues. 5/5


We've been using Rush for 3-4 months now. Great app to help customers track orders until goods are delivered. It also helps us as a company monitor Analytics & Performance. Identifying any issues and be able to react appropriately to serve and meet customers expectations.


Best decision to eliminate extra trouble! Our customer support team has experienced a decrease in ticket numbers, after installing the app. Helps to save time and set up our email flow much easier. A great addition to our store - would use it again for other stores!


The guys at RUSH are awesome. They have assisted me in setting up all the workflows and integration of the Tracking page on my website. I stumbled onto them by mistake, and very happy I found them. For my shipping integration, I have found my solution! Thanks guys!

Makyth Man

The application is a chef's kiss. Each store must have. Also, the way they help us fix everything and revise anything we want means a lot. They would listen to your liking and do it. The team helped us with implementing the app on our store. Thank you again!


ColdStreets.Com ~ Turning Negatives Into Positives One Tee At A Time! So far, so good. I'm just starting to use the Rush App and yes there are real people here to help you also the app has Documentation on how to use it and Gabriel hooked me up, Thanks Again


Rush App is so far one of the best tracking app I have used so far. It's customizable, simple and straight to the point. Not to mention their support team who really knows what they are doing and are always there to assist you with your concerns! Kudos!

Leos paw

I wanted to do the 90 day promotion and Cherry was helping me with the promo code but I also needed help with my shipping and she helped me with that as well, so in the end I got my problem figured out and I also got a 90 day free trial! Thanks Cherry!

Charge Up

This app is very good, it has tons of handy features and the support is excellent - they bend over backwards to help. I really like the ability to customize the shipment origin and the customizable feature-rich tracking page. I highly recommend Rush.


Rush app is part of our stack that brings extra revenues, definitely a game changer both on the customer side and on the business side. Also, I love their seamless klaviyo integration. It brought us a lot of extra revenues since we started using it!


The customer service department is outstanding. Never had any problem getting things set up and questions answered. It reduced the amount of “where’s my order” emails significantly and I made extra revenue thanks to the Klaviyo flow they did for me!

Voyar FR

Great service! Very efficient & will definitely be a great addition to my store to cut down on emails inquiring about shipping. Also Cherry helped me tremendously when I needed help. She made it very easy to understand & set up. Highly recommend!


I have tried other apps but Rush is the best for easy set up and the pricing structure. Previously I was pre purchasing credits from another tracking vendor and wasting a lot of money. The app integrates nicely with Shopify and just works.


This is a great app which is very helpful in managing my tracking info to help me create a better user experience in my store. Support is wonderful and very helpful, Cherry has gone above and beyond to help me set everything up correctly.

Club Yolo

I have been using this app for awhile now and seeing only good results. It’s essential for keeping my customers updated. Rush app is very simple to use and the support team is very responsive. They helped me setup all of my email flows!

Livsy Switzerland

This tracking app gives me a clear view on the status of my packages. It also updates quickly and helps me locate packages with issues. The tracking page is also a nice feature. This app is very helpful for my business. I recommend it!


The app is great, with many good functions for the business. the only problem is that there is no way to put it in portuguese. I would really like you to add the language so that shoppers can see the entire store in a single language.

Lojas Arcádia

Having a custom order tracking page is crucial as this helps to build trust with your customers, allows you to upsell your customers on the tracking page & also saves you a huge amount of time dealing with customer enquiries. Awesome!

Just Like You

We use this app on few of our stores as we really like this order tracking and look up app. So many features that really help with keeping our customers always up to date on their shipments and keep them satisfied. Highly recommended.

Wheels Savvy

This is the best order tracking Shopify app. I use it for all my e-commerce store and it prevents so many inconveniences. I love the team and the customer service. I will keep using this app and will download it for all my new stores.

Noble Gents Club

The best tracking app. In addition to the incredible look, the app is a great help to reduce the volume of support calls. With Upsell, the app pays for itself. And the support team is very attentive and efficient. Highly recommend.


First day of using the app. Seems very solid and well made. The tracking page is really modern and looks awesome. Support is also very helpful and kind. Hopefully, we will keep using it to help our customers track their orders. :)


I was very surprised to receive assistance after 10pm. Cherry was very helpful and answered all of my questions and offered more help that will greatly assist me with my store and email marketing. I see why they are highly rated.


Muy buena la atención al cliente. La aplicación es práctica pues de un vistazo puedes saber el estado de todos los envíos, así como incluir tu propia página de seguimiento. Estoy probándola pero de momento me parece genial

De Moi à Toi Regalos

Thank you so much for the Rush app, which made my life easier. Thank you for the great support team. Everything is perfect, the tracking page, the integrations, the flows, just everything! I highly recommend the Rush app.


The customer support was awesome. They were very friendly and willing to take over. I love that they build put the flows and customize the track order page. Cant wait to see how much extra money I can make with this app.

Attractive essence

Rush provides you with a custom tracking page, which you can translate into your language. I had some questions and the customer support team responded quickly with answers! Great experience so far! Cannot ask for more!


We use this app in 3 stores in combination with Klaviyo and the options are endless. The customer support is superb, and if you invest some time in how it works you can really automate a big part of your communication!


Cherry was amazing helping with the proxy URL & assisting me learning about the other apps what else order rush can do for my business. Especially with the email marketing. I can't wait to get this started and set up!


Just started this month. Onboarding is over the top! They implemented the entire Klaviyo flows, the support is 24/7, always has answers for everything that i ask (and i ask a lot!). And the app itself is great :)


I recommend this to anyone who is tired of the “where is my package” emails! App is such a gem! Firsty I was on the free flan, but my store escalated and had to upgrade! Very affordable and features are amazing!

Merels DE

This app has many integrations and the customer service is excellent. Our customers were happy with the new interface and it helped us reduce emails regarding order status. They take good care of the app users.


Just working with Rush the first impression is EXCELLENT! After i was already suprised by the beauty of the first impression i also got excellent support with the first questions i had. Would 10/10 recommend!


I use Rush for all of my stores. It is the perfect solution to making sure my customers are happy and notified! It's very easy to implement and the customer support helped me with the tracking page design!

Primerra Paris

Great app working perfectly! They are adding many new features and improving the overall experience. Also the customer service is top notch, We are now using it in 2 different stores, highly recommended!


Excellent app! Love all the notification features! We were kindly busy with the bussiness and they extend our trial Now we can stay on top of the customer experience and ensure that everybody is happy!

Lilys Stockholm

We just started using this app a week ago and the support team helped us with the whole setup! Their tracking page fits perfectly with my store design. Thinking to install it to my second store!

Shape Baeby

Great company and great tool to be used. I also love how easy the support is to get an answer from. I have been working with Gabriel Stankov and he has been a great rep for all my questions.

CBD Living Wholesale

We have been using Rush for some time for our post purchase upsell and order tracking and they have been exceptional. Tosh and Gabriel have been great helping us grow. Definitely recommend.

CBD Living

Amazing app! Saved us a lot of time and headaches, automatically updates the last mile tracking code + link which is a game changer. Also brings in revenue by upsells. Best app available!!

Healing Rock

This app works so great, let alone the modern style of the tracking page is one of the kind. Despite that there are some slight bugs, it is still the best tracking app I have ever used.


The best application, easy to use, and support is always there for you. I'm so happy with that , I recommend it to anyone who wants to make tracking shipments easier for the customer .

MJ Store

Customer service was very prompt and extremely helpful! They helped me crate a tracking page that is a selling machine! I don’t usually give reviews but this app is more than amazing!


Their integration with Shopify and Klaviyo is a top-notch. I’ve been using the app for only 5 days and I look forward to see how much extra revenue will bring me thanks to the flows

Grooming Grizzly

I just installed the app, however, the customer support has been exceptional so far, which is super important for me. Will update the review once I have used it for a bit longer :)

Lushy Intimates

Rush is an amazing tracking platform that I use today to provide my customer with a modern feel with they await the package that'll change the evening for them from Aubreereign.co

Aubree' Reign

A lot of options available, and a really professional interface. A must-have app, highly recommended if you want to keep your customers happy! App saved me so much time and money!

Silvy Copenhagen

Uso esta aplicación para hacer más pedidos y ahorrar mucho tiempo. Realmente me gusta su desempeño en el seguimiento del envío y el envío de correos electrónicos a los clientes.


Ich denke ich habe nun alle Apps die irgendwas mit Tracking zu tun haben ausprobiert. Rush ist die smarteste, schönste und die mit dem allerbesten Service!!! 100% MUST HAVE APP


Love the personal touch this app brings! Been using Parcel Panel and recently switched to Rush and Gabriel helped me go through the transition seamlessly. Thank you for this!!

Zoe Nicole

The customer support team is amazing and they helped me with setting up the app etc. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to keep their customers hyper informed.


I use the app in all my stores and am extremely satisfied. The support is amazing and the number of emails with the title "where is my shipment" has decreased dramatically.


Quick and smart customer support, all our questions were answered professionally and very kindly. The app is great and meets tracking needs perfectly. Would recommend it!


Gabriel was extremely helpful and helped me a lot with the right settings. Thank you very much. With automatic email settings, I have more time to grow my business.

Jewels Factor

Amazing experience! Great app, first one I found that offers all features for order tracking and customer notifications for a reasonable price. Can only recommend.


I just started using the app and so far so good. I had a small issue happen but Ken was super responsive and tried to help me right away. Great customer service.


I really love this app, it's a great solution to keep your customers on your side. They also have great support which is really important when you have an issue.

Traders Shop Fx

Amazing support, lovely app, customer are happy that they can track your package from chi... USA. Lovely app for dropshipping or & brand, it's an absolute must.


Amazing. Everyone was really helpful. They were really accommodating and made sure I really understood how to use the platform, and I really appreciate that!

Par Divus

This is a great app! It is very useful to monitor order status and helps track your customer orders and notify them if there is any issue with the shipment.


Customer service has been very helpful. Initial setup has been quite straight forward and they helped to set up integration with third party email services.


Best Order Tracking app !! Just Loved it! Highly Recommended! I encountered an minor issue , rush team developers solved it within minutes! superb service!


The app has been fantastic to use, way better than another app I had initially tried. I have been dealing with Gabriel and he is very helpful and patient

Organisation Station AU

Awesome! Once set up, I never have to worry about customers receiving shipping notifications. Very reliable and customers can easily track their parcels.


It has helped us reduce the questions from our customers about the status of their orders and increases the level of confidence in the post-sale process.

LámparaYa MX

Amazing app! It helped my customers efficiently track their orders and save us a lot of time with customer inquiries about the location of their orders!

The Grey Wolf DE

I used this app... because there are a lot of options to customize your page ... Best Customer support and best tracking app ever : ) Thanks, Rush Team


Iris is the best! She helped me with everything I needed and was also patient and calm with me, Overall a very good experience. I highly suggest Iris!

Precious Paws

Very happy with the app. Using it for a year now and it removed a lot customer service emails and chats from clients. So less headache for my staff :)


I'm just starting the app but the first impression is great. In addition, I am very well helped by Gabriel. The customer friendliness is outstanding.


Best tracking app by far! Everything is easy to set up and the support team is amazing as well. I wish I had started using it earlier on my store.


The best app on the market, it have anything you need for tracking and notifications! The team is really friendly and will help you with anything!


The best shipment tracking app with a great support team. Helped us generate additional revenue through shipping email notifications and upsells.


Incredible customer service!! The response time is literally under two minutes. Great app, highly recommend any DTC brand jump onto it ASAP!

Tub Treats

Excellent app. I love how easy it is for me to track orders and update customers. The support is also great and fast! Highly recommended.

Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author

Rush is a very useful app for keeping your customers informed about the status of their order. The support of this app is always perfect!

Heerlijk Buitenleven

Great shipment tracking app. Works as expected and generates additional revenue. Team is responsive and always helps with any inquiries.


Great app, great customer service. We appreciate all the efforts and time on us from the Rush family. We highly recommend their service!

Amaari Fine Jewelry

This app works great for the order tracking, our customer complaints on where are their orders went down a lot. Highly recommended!

Comfort Republic

Great customer service, they come back to you very quickly and sort out any issues without a fuss, i definitely recommend this app

The Look Edit

We've had such a seamless experience with Rush so far! The dashboard is super clear & makes it very easy to stay on top of things.

Cosmic Cookware MY

Great app! Works flawlessly! The customer support is awesome. The developers are very friendly and they are always ready to help!


Great app! Great Guys, really helpfull and the best of it my Roas from the app is a steady 5.0 so great work guys! Recommended .

NALU Lifestyle

FANTASTIC! REALLY WORKS! I started using it and I'm already enjoying it a lot, the facilities and applications for my customers


customer service was great, they help me set up the app and looked for more options. I would recommend everyone to use the app


Great customer service by Ken Michael. I had a problem and he helped me fix it really fast. excited to use the app on my store


Great support, Gabe was extremely helpful and the support now the tech which is very rare in some of the other tracking apps.

Just Another Cap Store

App and Customer Service are perfect. They always working to meet their clients needs. It also have the best tracking page


Fast and easy onboarding. needed help got an answer immediately. Everythink is perfect for a smal and big Onlineshop Owner


Really impressive application, definitely the best tracking setup out there! Fast and efficient customer support too! :)


I have been happy with the customer service, provides customers with easy to access information about their shipments.

Scout and Poppy

Top app! Great features. Super easy interface and nice to work with. I have great results from it. I highly recommend.


Really helpful app and great customer service would highly recommend anyone who requires a dedicated tracking service


Gabe is such a sweetheart! helped me set up my page! thank you so much! excited to see how the app works out for me!


Great tracking app! Easy to set up and simple to use as well. The customer support is very helpful and responsive.


Very good app! They helped me with the track issue and now I have a really good app to track orders in my website.

Você Mulher

The best app for track & trace. You can change so many settings, do upsells on the page - just by far the best app

Holy Cat

Great app! I use it in 3 of my stores and it is perfect. It is a must have and the customer service is immaculate.


Very user friendly and great customer service! The individual that helped me today was amazing. Thank you Gabriel!

Project Pets

Really easy to setup and integrates well with other apps! We have been having a very positive experience so far :)

Cosmic Cookware SG

This is the best team, the amount of effort these guys put in is more than amazing. Special thanks to KenMichael.

Marlo roller

Rush is amazing and help to communicate delivery with our customers. Love it and the best investment in our store


this is my second store with them, they are doing great job, thanks for the hard work looking for the best always

حماية بلو

Great customer service!! Product is really good! This definitely helps our customers track their packages better

Gambino Winery

It's a MUST app for your site! The customer support is awesome! It's definitely the best tracking app out there.


I need some customize help and the support was amazing! I will keep use the app and testing the others features


Iris was very helpful and answered all my questions. I look forward to seeing how Rush helps my business grow.

The Angelic Kollection

Outstanding customer support from Ken Michael! All of my request have been fulfilled beyond my expectations.


This app is really awesome. Saves a lot of times and hassle. One of the best we have found within Shopify.

København Mode

Rush is perfect! The customer service is outstanding and this is the best plug-in for tracking on Shopify.

Sneakeds® Schuhe

Excellent service and app, they helped me instantly through my questions. I recommend rush fo every store.

Kenko Matcha

The app is great. I'm just waiting to resolve my situation with translation into Portuguese from Portugal.


Thanks alot for your hardworking, the developing team helped me alot!! >thanks again, the app easy to use

Amor Jewellery

Essential app, I highly recommend, quality customer service, Best tracking app for e-commerce ! Thanks !


Sehr schneller und netter Support. Kein vergleich zu anderen Trackingapps. Kann ich nur weiter Empfehlen


It's a great app and test features allows me to use it with more confidence before launching my website.

La Vague Swim

this app was great I picked a plan and Ken Michael assisted me along the way! ,I apricate all the help!

The Skylabolt Shop

I like the idea and how Rush team building it. It works very good for us, email open rate is above 50%.


This is app is the best. Always great service. My customers love this service about their shipments.

Kaliyah Js Boutique

The best app I've ever used in my store! Very reliable and customers can easily track their parcels.

Abundancy Deals

Simple tracking app. It works & is easy to setup. Looks great too, the new UI is really sick. 10/10

Flyte Keycaps

Great app! and awesome customer service. Love it! defiantly I am going to use it for my all stores.


Good app and great service! Also good communication and always ready to help. Keep up the good work


Cherry 11/10 service Helped me setup everything from start to finish!


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