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The Rush Partner Program

Help your client’s eCommerce businesses succeed through powerful post-purchase automation and integrations.

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Fueling growth for digital marketing agencies, freelancers, systems integrators, and their clients

Grow your business

Get tested recipes, a done-for-you setup, and support for the long-term growth of your clients.

Earn new revenue

Receive revenue share for Rush customers you refer or manage.

Rely on 24/7 support

You and your customers will be in great hands with our 24/7 customer support and partner support.

Co-marketing opportunities

Lead generation, sharing your brand with Rush customers, co-case studies, and more.

Featured by Chase Dimond

Understand why Chase Dimond’s agency - Boundless Labs uses Rush to create growth for its clients.

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Powerful post-purchase automation for your clients

It used to be simple - stores sent a single email with an order tracking link, leading carrier home page, at best - to the carrier with an auto-filled tracking number. That's so pre-2020.

Currently, high-performing brands are squeezing all possible revenue by opening new channels like - post-purchase communication automation to generate more sales instead of relying on a high CAC strategies. Rush helps agencies to add new revenue channels for their clients, adding up to 7% GMV on top*. Woohoo!

Sending order and shipment notifications in your favorite email and SMS apps was never easier. Rush connects to all. On top of that, sending timely review requests based on delivery date boosts revenue and UGC.

Rush is ideal for marketing agencies looking to maximize store revenue by adding new revenue streams rather than just optimizing the current. During this journey, we support our partners with best practices, tips, and even done-for-you setups. Our customer support team is proficient with: Klaviyo, Omnisend, Okendo,, and more.

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  1. The monthly revenue benchmark of 7% more GMV (Gross Merchanges Value) is based on the top 100 performing clients' average data.

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