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How Primal Harvest is utilizing Rush’s solution tracking suite to drive additional revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Pain points:

  • Being a health and nutrition-focused brand, Primal Harvest wanted to improve customer satisfaction regarding delivery times and lower their support tickets and WISMO queries.
  • They wanted more control over customizing and styling the tracking page to fit their brand.
  • Budget-friendly tracking system.


Rush is an all-in-one post-purchase solution that seamlessly integrates with the Primal Harvest Klaviyo account and helps with the following:

  • Reducing customer queries
  • Customizing the tracking page to fit brand needs
  • Driving additional revenue with the ability to upsell
  • Collecting positive customer reviews from the tracking page with integration



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Health and beauty

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Primal Harvest’s journey to Rush

Primal Harvest is known for its natural herbal products that empower your immune system and help you lead a healthy life with nutrients that best fit your needs. Their customers have been delighted with the quality of their products. All they required was a tracking solution to help them keep their clients updated on their product deliveries.

Initially, they subscribed to Tracktor for their package tracking needs. But they kept facing problems regarding timely updates and integration with 3rd party email messaging apps like Klaviyo. Also, the lack of a reasonable refresh rate on their tracking page and returned and stalled statuses kept them from proactively tackling customer complaints. Ultimately, all this meant a bad customer experience and would reflect poorly on an otherwise excellent brand.

Partnering with Rush

The Primal Harvest team decided to move to a tracking solution that offers more control over their tracking page, easy integrations, and a chance to expand their business without worrying about entertaining customers’ package queries.

The partnership with Rush helps Primal Harvest with the following:

  • Keep their customers hyper-informed.
  • Customize the tracking page according to their brand requirements.
  • Create effective workflows with the latest shipping status of the order.
  • Create emails that fit their brand style or can be further customized by their marketing team.
  • Subscribe to a plan that doesn’t blow a hole in their budget and helps create additional revenue streams.
  • Last, Rush is super easy to install, set up, and use!

Let’s hear it from Michael Brenner, the Co-Founder at Primal Harvest and Prime6 Brands:

We couldn’t be more thrilled about our partnership with Rush. They provide our team with first-class support by delivering detailed reports about delivery times so that we can keep our customers happy. With Rush, we have more freedom than other apps we’ve used in the past thanks to their tracking page customization feature. Another huge bonus of switching to Rush - their pricing! Not only has their service surpassed our expectations, but they deliver it at a better price than many of their competitors. It’s safe to say that we highly recommend Rush for any E-Commerce company looking to expand and grow!

Using Klaviyo flows to update customers and generate revenue

Rush’s integration with Klaviyo helped the Primal Harvest team to create personalized and branded email flows.

Primal Harvest Delivery Email
Branded shipping email
Primal Harvest Delivery Email
Branded delivery email

Klaviyo flows are the future of the eCommerce industry and have proven to generate revenue via its behavior-based automation. And best of all - the marketing team can change it anytime with new brand content or target session promotion inside them.

Klaviyo order shipped flow
Klaviyo order shipped flow
Klaviyo order delivered flow
Klaviyo order delivered flow

Regarding Klaviyo-generated ROI, Primal Harvest made $44,956 last year from Rush triggered flows.

Klaviyo`s performance for last year
Klaviyo`s performance for last year

A tracking page that is part of the brand

Rush allows store owners to take control of their tracking pages and make them their own. Primal Harvest wanted autonomy over customizing specific components of the tracking page without compromising on the page speed. They entertain over 500,000 orders annually and wanted a tracking solution with exceptional performance.

This is where Rush offers a fully customizable tracking page that:

  • Fits brand guidelines.
  • Offers a chance to upsell and cross-sell by featuring the most popular and newest products.
  • Provides a link to the review app for your customers to leave a product review.
  • Offers promotions.
Primal Harvest Tracking Page
Primal Harvest Tracking Page

Primal Harvest made 112K in terms of ROI from the tracking page alone!

Customers' product review generation

Building a relationship with your customers starts with asking for their opinion. That is exactly what Rush helped Primal Harvest achieve. Rush partners with the best review collection apps like, making it easy for the brand to collect reviews directly on the tracking page. Soon after partnering with Rush, Primal Harvest saw a bump in the review collection and gathering social proof n auto-pilot.

Providing great customer experience

With shipping insights provided by Rush, Primal Harvest can view and resolve undelivered or failed attempts or inform the customers that their order is ready to be picked up, exponentially minimizing the chargeback.

Primal Harvest Shipments performance
Primal Harvest Shipments performance

Transparency and convenience

Rush offers different pricing options via its subscription plans. All of these plans have upfront costs and no hidden fees. Initially, Primal Harvest opted for Rush to handle its grand order volume. However, they started seeing amazing results in terms of revenue generation, branded tracking page, and customer satisfaction. It only made sense for Primal Harvest to stick to a platform that acts as their revenue generation app suite.

Moving forward

With its customer base rapidly growing, Primal Harvest needs a partner like Rush to accommodate their business needs by providing unique insights into its key metrics with Rush’s Analytics dashboard, offering countless integrations with carriers worldwide, and accurate delivery times, and innovative tracking software.

Lastly, as the Co-Founder at Primal Harvest and Prime6 Brands, Michael Brenner notes,“Another huge bonus of switching to Rush - their pricing! Not only has their service surpassed our expectations, but they deliver it at a better price than many of their competitors. It’s safe to say that we highly recommend Rush for any E-Commerce company looking to expand and grow!”

Rush is in with Primal Harvest for the long haul!

  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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