Advanced tracking system designed for dropshippers

The post-purchase stage is the final and most critical stage of your customers’ journey. This is where you can create value for them and lay the foundation for a new relationship. Rush is specially designed to help you with:

  • longer fulfillment and delivery times
  • minimizing WISMO requests
  • lower chargebacks
  • opportunities to upsell
  • effective post-purchase communication automation to keep your customers updated.

In short, Rush provides anxiety-free experience for your customers to enhance customer retention and strengthen brand loyalty.


Install with a single click

You can set it up fully in 30-min, and we’ll automatically sync your orders & tracking information.

Easy to use

Our pre-built automation notifications and drag & drop tracking page builder makes it simple for you to set what you need.


Comes with a safety net of a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 10-day free trial on any plan.

Hide or replace carriers on tracking page

Hide origin

You can hide or replace specific countries and cities from your carrier messages.

Some customers chargeback as soon as they see the order is traveling from China or some unrecognized destination. With the Rush blacklisting feature, you can hide the origin address completely.

Check out our article Hide and Replace Country of Origin from Shipments and learn about this feature in detail..

Find and replace words on shipment messages

Find & replace

You can alter any part of the carrier messages to fit your needs. For example, you can replace carrier names and custom clearance messages,or hide words like: "local courier", "international", and "overseas".

To learn how this feature works, head over to the article Find and Replace Text in Shipments Messages.

Hide or replace carriers on tracking page

Carrier masking

Helps dropshippers to override or completely hide carrier information displayed in notifications and on the tracking page. Learn how to do so by checking out this resource: Carrier masking for dropshippers.

Shipments details

Reveal Last Mile carrier Information

Share the last mile carrier information directly in notifications and on the tracking page. It’ll help your customers reach directly to the carrier in case of delivery issues and in turn will reduce the number of your customer support tickets.

Customers seeing familiar local carriers, rather than Chinese carriers makes a huge difference on your brand perception.

Learn more

Pre shipments statuses

Rush offers a variety of shipment statuses to tag your order with. To fill the void when fulfillment times are rising, show custom updates on the tracking page even before the order is shipped and prevent any charge backs if you couldn’t fulfill an order on time.

As soon as the order is fulfilled, your customers will see the shipment information.

Check out the article Pre-Shipment Timeline to see different use-cases for these pre-shipment statuses.

Shopify Order status page for dropshippiers

Order status page widget

Take control of your order status page. You can hide different components, select the scope of information to be shared, and add a link to your tracking page to drive your customers there.

You can learn all about the order status page in our article Shopify Order Status/Thank You page modification.

And a few more

Pre-build email notifications

At no extra cost, send transactional shipping emails.

Insights on shipment performance

Handle shipment problems before the customers see it.


Know your fulfillment and delivery times, optimize for them.

Here’s what dropshippers have to say about these features

Amazing support, lovely app, customer are happy that they can track your package from chi... USA. Lovely app for dropshipping or & brand, it's an absolute must.

The app is exactly what I need! The setup is very quick and the Rush team is a great support. We are happy to use the tool for our dropshipping stores as it has a blacklisting feature! I would recommend to anyone starting their online store and wants to increase the order tracking and customer experience for their customers!

A must have for every dropshipper! The team sets up everything for you and the app starts to generate sales on autopilot from your customers! If you want to squeeze as much revenue as you can and get less "where is my order" emails, this is the app for you! Super recommended!

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