Centralized view of your Post-Purchase data

Make data-driven decisions to improve your business and turn single-purchase customers into loyal fans. Access logistics analytics and gain actionable insights to enhance customer experience and drive revenue growth.


Shipment insights

The report provides valuable information to help you improve your business and customer experience. With data on shipments with exceptions, failed deliveries, and shipments that haven`t received updates in weeks, you can identify gaps in your carrier performance and take proactive measures related to the orders.

By knowing the total order value, you can make informed decisions on which category requires special attention, ensuring that you are using your resources effectively.

Additionally, insights into shipments that have stopped receiving carrier updates but are not yet marked as delivered can help you proactively address any potential issues and keep customers informed.

By leveraging the power of shipment insights, you can make informed decisions that drive growth, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Shipment performance

Data-Driven insights from shipment statistics

Get a comprehensive overview of all your shipments, grouped by delivery speed, shipping destinations, or current statuses, like in transit or delivered. Harness the power of data to make informed decisions and elevate your customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and growth for your business.

We moved all our 9 stores from Aftership, and before that 17track to Rush! The tracking app is a great addition to the store! We made an extra $ from the upsell we have added on the tracking page and Klaviyo flows! Really easy to integrate with Klaviyo and their team built custom shipping flows for us. The information they provide with the advanced report is incredible. We only wish we had found it faster.

Unlock powerful insights with the Personal Data Analytics Report!

Our advanced plan supports custom reports for store owners to better visualize important business metrics. The report includes charts and visuals for main metrics like first-mile carriers, last-mile carriers, AVG time from order created to delivered, shipments per destination country, and more.

Each report is made by our Business Analysts specifically for your store, providing a unique and valuable perspective and answering your business needs.

Discover trends and make data-driven decisions with the Rush Personal Data Analytics Report.

By leveraging the power of shipment insights, you can make informed decisions that drive growth, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

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Rush Personal Data Analytics Report!

Store performance comparison

With the Rush Personal Data Analytics Report, merchants can gain valuable insights into their stores` post-purchase performance by comparing the performance of multiple stores. This information can be used to identify areas where stores may need improvement and to make changes to the store`s fulfillment and shipping operations, helping merchants to optimize their sales and boost their overall performance.

Shipment performance

Shipment data export to CSV

Exporting shipment data to CSV allows merchants to easily filter and analyze shipment information with over 35+ fields included. The data can be further processed through analytics or pivoting for improved insights and decision-making.

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Download your shipments as CSV

Returns statistics

Provides a centralized overview of all orders returned or refused. With the ability to filter information by specific timeframes, merchants can easily track the number of returns.

Additionally, the ability to download a CSV file with all shipment information allows for in-depth analysis and understanding of return frequency, return rate, return reasons, and customer information.

This information can be used to improve the returns process and provide a better customer experience.

Return reports

Stalled shipment statistics

With the ability to track stalled shipments, merchants can stay ahead of any potential revenue losses due to delays or chargebacks. Filtering by no updates for longer timeframes provides a comprehensive overview of any shipment delays, including information on the number of stalled shipments, the duration of the delay, and the reason for the delay - if the carrier provided it.

This information can be used to proactively address any issues and improve the shipment process, resulting in reduced chargebacks and increased revenue.

Shipments with no carrier updates

Maximize for delivery success

Identify shipments with unrealistic transit times with ease. Our filters allow you to easily monitor shipment travel time and prioritize measures to ensure prompt delivery to your customers. Save money and keep your revenue by avoiding costly chargebacks due to missed delivery deadlines, or longer shipment times

Shipment with longer transit times

Great app to help customers track orders until goods are delivered. It also helps us as a company monitor Analytics & Performance. Identifying any issues and reacting appropriately to serve and meet customers` expectations.

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Unlock the power of Enterprise-Grade post-purchase analytics

Get more control with SQL access to your post-purchase data. With our upcoming enterprise-grade analytics capability in 2023, you`ll have the ability to create custom reports and analyze your data in new ways to drive better business decisions and improve operational efficiencies. Whether you`re looking to identify trends, track performance, or compare metrics, you can do it. Get ready to take your post-purchase analytics to the next level!

Shipment performance