Effortless customer review collection. Sell more with Social proof

  • Collect UGC as reviews
  • Develop social credibility
  • Boost sales

All this is done on autopilot by directly sharing the link on the tracking page or sending it via email. You can send a review request right after your customers receive their orders or schedule it a specific number of days after receiving the product.

Review app integrations
Notifications based on delivery event

Manage who sees reviews on the tracking page

Your customers can leave product reviews directly on the tracking page. Best of all, you can show or hide the Review button based on the customer delivery experience. Keeping it for customers with good shipping experiences while hiding it for bad ones will maximize the positive ratings.


Display organic content based on excellent post-purchase customer experience

Rush tracking page offers so much more than a conventional tracking page. It enables store owners to share information regarding their products, announce upcoming sales, offer deals and discounts, share other customers’ reviews, and add value to customers’ visits to a store’s tracking page. This leads to direct traffic and organic reviews from satisfied customers.

With an easily accessible review link shared directly on your tracking page, you can count on satisfied customers to leave a review.


Collect reviews by email or SMS

Email marketing has revolutionized the eCommerce industry. You can use it to keep in contact with your customers, start conversations, and get an idea of what your customers expect or would like.

Rush notification data comes with product review links based on your selected review app so that you can ask for product reviews in any shipping emails or SMS.


Connected to Shopify fulfillment events

Rush keeps track of the orders in transition and sends Shopify fulfillment events based on that. Most review apps integrated with Rush also listen for delivery events and send notifications to your customers based on their setup.


Integrated with 23 review apps

Rush integrates with the top reviews & UGC apps to provide out-of-the-box solutions for your business.

It helps your online store with the following:

  • Adding a review link on the tracking page
  • Sharing a review link within notification data
  • Collecting and displaying positive reviews on the tracking page to build credibility and prompt sales

Check out the list of review apps supported by Rush.