Use cases

Discover all the ways you can use Rush to increase business value from a post-purchase solution.

Increase revenue

Learn how to optimize parts of your post-purchase sequence.

The best shipment tracking app with a great support team. Helped us generate additional revenue through shipping email notifications and upsells.

We've recently implemented Rush across both of our Shopify stores and it has been a great addition. Already our number of customer service tickets querying order status have decreased, and we are seeing revenue generated from the email flows. The integration with Klaviyo works well, and the branded tracking page has been a nice bonus for our website and customer experience. We're excited to continue building out the options an use the feature to their full advantage.

Lower canceled orders or chargebacks

Minimize friction points leading to canceled orders, or chargebacks.

You would find service like this at a 5 star resort! From the moment we signed up for the app, to the onboarding process the team has been nothing short of amazing. They encouraged zoom meetings to ensure we knew how to take advantage of every aspect of their platform and they even suggested a few things to optimize our email communication related to shipping. These guys are the real deal and the app is incredibly feature-rich.

It has helped us reduce the questions from our customers about the status of their orders and increases the level of confidence in the post-sale process.