Brazen Boutique achieves 3200% ROI with Rush automation

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revenue generated from tracking page


revenue generated from Klaviyo shipping flows


Return On Investment*

Brazen Boutique switched from Tracktor to Rush and added $17,000 with post-purchase automation!

Pain points:

  • Lots of WISMO tickets
  • Customers not getting timely shipping and out-for-delivery updates
  • Budget-friendly tracking system.


With its features, Rush helps Brazen Boutique with

  • Order status automated Klaviyo flows - email and SMS with recommended products
  • Beautiful tracking page that fits the brand
  • Analytics and insights to identify risks, create opportunities, and take proper action if, when, and where required



St. Louis, United States

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Key features used


Brazen Boutique

Clothes represent the way we express ourselves. It is the most crucial element of one’s personal brand. Brazen Boutique understands this concept and aims to encourage and empower its clients to find everyday wear with a personal touch. They specialize in comfortable yet stylish outfits, and it saves you the hassle of deciding what to wear every day. With excellent product quality, they should’ve seen a higher order volume; however, they were not getting their money’s worth out of the tracking solution they were on. There was unprocessed order information and lots of customer queries, plus they did not have any automation (email or SMS) related to keeping customers informed on their order status.

Intro to Rush

Brazen Boutique joined hands with Rush to address the issues they were facing. With its advanced technology, Rush was able to help Brazen Boutique with

  • Satisfying customer queries - WISMO tickets
  • Frequent tracking numbers processing
  • Integrations with email messaging and product review apps
  • Automated email flows
  • Creating additional revenue streams
  • A fully customizable tracking page
  • A simple and trouble-free checkout process

The branded tracking page

Utilizing Rush’s customized tracking page feature, Brazen Boutique addressed and solved its WISMO tickets problem by

  • Enabling the customers to follow the progress of their orders at any given time during its transition
  • Making it accessible from anywhere using any desktop or mobile device
  • Answering the FAQs right on the tracking page leading customers to self-serve
  • Integrating Rebuy to create intelligent personalized offers directly on the tracking page.
Brazen Boutique tracking page
Brazen Boutique tracking page

Integrating Klaviyo to create personalized email flows

In the eCommerce industry, email messaging apps like Klaviyo, Omnisend, MailChimp, etc. are turning profits and increasing conversion rates.

With Klaviy's smart-shipping flows, Brazen Boutique was able to:

  • Increase CLTV through proactive communications with its customers
  • Enrich shipping email flows with educational information to create a connection with customers.
Brazen Boutique Klaviyo x Rush performance
Brazen Boutique Klaviyo x Rush performance
Brazen Boutique Order confirmation email flow
Brazen Boutique Order confirmation email flow
Brazen Boutique Order confirmation email design
Brazen Boutique Order confirmation email design

Analytics and reports

Rush custom shipping reports and analytics based on KPIs. This feature enabled Brazen Boutique to identify the weaknesses in its order-to-delivery process and take proper action to resolve them. Using Rush analytics and insights, they differentiated effective marketing campaigns from those not doing well. It led their marketing team to create personalized email flows and pave the way for effective customer communication.

Brazen Boutique carrier and shipment insights
Brazen Boutique carrier and shipment insights

Collecting UGC on autopilot with Rush and integration

Rush seamlessly integrates with review collecting apps like Brazen Boutique utilizes this integration to collect and display reviews from satisfied customers. This promotes a social proof, helps bridge the communication gap with their customers, enhances buyer engagement, and increases the conversion rate.Brazen Boutique is created and owned by Jance Staten. She shares some unique tips and tricks on running this business. Check it out here: Connecting with Rush has made Jance happy. She’s most excited about Rush’s distinctive analytics dashboard that helps her know what’s going on with orders and shipments. Let’s hear it from her:
This app is fantastic! I love the dashboard and being able to see where all of my shipments are in the fulfillment and delivery process. Their team is so helpful and responsive. They were able to help me get my flows set up in Klaviyo as well as a super page for my customers to track their orders. Additionally, I love being able to see the return of my investment in this app on the dashboard. That is really important to me as well when deciding to use an app on my Shopify store. Love Rush so much!
  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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