Burga tracking page
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Convert more customers with beautiful tracking pages

Why send your customers to the carrier tracking pages for shipment information when you can utilize this opportunity to:

Set up your tracking page now

Drive sales from returning customers

Create a visually appealing tracking page by customizing it according to your style

  • Use your brand colors
  • Show upsells and cross-sells items
  • Use banners to showcase new products
  • Offer promo codes, deals, and discount
  • Add a link for product review
  • Set up a section for featured and top-selling products
  • Add a FAQ section to provide answers to common customer queries

Mobile first

With 80% of all e-commerce traffic being from mobile, Rush is 100% mobile responsive

Multilingual tracking page

Out of the box support for any language.

Multi-fulfilment enabled

Show all shipments and their statuses related to the same order.


Give shoppers a single link to track orders

Realtime shipping updates

Provide customers with the latest information about parcel statuses

Multiple tracking pages

You can create multiple tracking pages, allowing you to easily A/B test them.

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code-free and super simple tracking page

Code-free and super simple

 Rush offers a tracking page that is fully customizable, enriched with styling components, and super easy to set up. Some of the highlights include:

  • Work natively with Shopify Editor
  • Easily drag & drop elements
  • Choose between multiple styles
  • Change colors, fonts, and other settings
Drive more revenue on tracking page with personalization apps

Integrate with your favorite 3rd party apps

Keep track of your customers’ engagement with your brand on different platforms by integrating the 3rd party apps like:

  • Instagram feed
  • Personalization apps like Rebuy, Wizer, etc.
  • Shopify recommended products
  • Review apps
  • Forms

Let the stats speak for themselves…


Customers visit the tracking page an average of 2.6x per order.


Addition on top of GMV from the tracking page and notifications

Rush for dropshippers

Dropshippers package

Rush offers an exquisite package tailored specifically for dropshippers’ requirements. This package includes

  • Ability to hide/change county of origin.
  • Mask carrier information.
  • Find and replace in carrier messages.
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Pre-shipment statuses

Rush post-purchase experience from pre-shipment to delivery. Use our pre-shipment statuses to keep your customers in the loop and prevent them from getting angry about long lead times.

  • Multiple timelines based on order tags or products.
  • Personalized messages.
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Self serving tracking page

Give customers the ability to self-serve. Stop WISMO.

Keeping shoppers updated on package progress will help you

  • Reduce your customer support team workload and improve their productivity.
  • Satisfy your customers by cutting back on their waiting time.
  • Exponentially reduce the heavy number of WISMO support tickets.
Build authority by getting more reviews

Collect customer reviews

Make it easy way for your customers to leave product reviews directly from the tracking page. Build authority by getting more reviews. Collect only positive reviews by hiding review options for deliveries that didn't go well

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Start getting more sales with converting Tracking Page

Available on any plan.

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  1. Generate up to 7% more revenue per month based on averaging data from top 100 performing clients.