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Agency Kinga Dow recommends installing Rush to their clients for the industry-leading post-purchase automation setup!

Pain points

The Gasper was not using a tracking solution before Rush and got caught up in issues arising from the lack of post-purchase automation:

  • Less repeat purchases due to lack of personalized notifications
  • Poor customer engagement on the website or tracking page
  • Lost revenue due to lack of visibility of ordered items and customers not being notified timely of the longer fulfillment times
  • Missing opportunities to upsell via personalized email content

Some other issues that The Gasper was facing involved:

  • Inability for customers to track orders
  • Lack of real-time shipping updates for customers
  • Difficulty tracking and resolving customer issues
  • Inability to gain insights from customer data
  • Extra workload on customer service staff due to lack of post-purchase automation


Rush presented The Gasper with a complete overhaul of their post-purchase setup with:

  • A branded tracking page to display ETA
  • Klaviyo integration to send notification emails at every checkpoint. For example, order is out for delivery, in transit, delivered, etc.
  • Optimized tracking page and notification emails for mobile devices for a user-convenient experience
  • Offering deals and discounts on the tracking page to retain customers and encourage brand loyalty
  • Sharing details about their last purchase
  • Automating post-purchase notifications and emails to reduce the WISMO tickets
  • Accurate delivery times based on EDD
  • Pre-shipment statuses for orders with longer than usual delivery times to keep customers updated throughout the shipping process

Kinga Dow specializes in email marketing using Klaviyo. They revamped The Gasper’s email marketing strategy and created personalized campaigns to help them grow and generate revenue.

  • They created segmented lists for targeted campaigns
  • They used Rush’s personalized post-purchase flows and customized them to fit the brand style
  • Set up email campaigns for loyalty programs to increase customer engagement and lifetime value
  • Optimized email templates for mobile devices and tested them to ensure they were delivering the best results



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Jewellery and accessories

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Agency Partner:

Kinga Dow

Key features used


Kinga Dow - From a name to a brand!

Kinga Dow needs no introduction in the eCommerce email marketing niche. She’s had quite a fantastic journey full of twists and turns. She started with coding, moved to website development, and finally found her true calling in email marketing with Klaviyo. Today, her name is a brand that helps global brands grow their businesses using email marketing strategies tailored to bring in revenue and increase retention.

Schedule a call with Kinga.

Kinga’s approach

Kinga and her team of specialists take a holistic approach to developing the email marketing strategy for their clients. They follow a set of tactics to create a personalized strategy that fits their clients’ business models.

  • Leverage data
  • Keep track of your website traffic
  • Observe customer behavior patterns
  • Develop a personalized email marketing strategy to reach a wide customer base
  • Use segmentation to create targeted campaigns
  • Build up loyalty programs to increase retention

The Gasper story

The Gasper is a women’s jewelry and accessories brand. They make stylish and trendy jewelry pieces that are fade-proof, water-resistant, and won’t cause skin irritation or rashes. They use specialized microns of gold plating in all their pieces to make them stand the test of time. Such high-quality products deserve a fair share of the market and it is only natural for the brand to want more engagement, conversions, and retention. However, The Gasper was not getting the results they hoped for.

To start the conversation with their customers, they reached out to Kinga Dow for an effective email marketing strategy. Kinga and her team started spinning their magic with

  • The targeted campaigns
  • Klaviyo integration to create personalized email flows, and
  • A powerful notifications setup

Why Kinga Dow recommended Rush?

While Kinga Dow and the team worked on The Gasper’s email marketing strategy, they noticed that the brand could use a tracking solution with an automated post-purchase setup. Having worked with and leveraged Rush’s awesome features for other brands, Kinga Dow recommended The Gasper to install Rush to

  • Double down the marketing efforts
  • Generate more positive results
  • Automate the post-purchase setup
  • Drive additional revenue from different streams
  • Cut down on customer service tickets

What did Rush bring to the table?

Rush had partnered with Kinga Dow in the past for other brands and had successfully increased the clients’ revenue. Rush presented The Gasper with advanced features like

  • A powerful branded tracking page
  • Pre-shipment statuses
  • Accurate delivery times
  • Estimated delivery date
  • Automated post-purchase communication
  • Integration with email marketing apps like Klaviyo
  • Integration between Rush and LOOX for UGC and social proof
  • Supreme customer support to promptly address any issues

The branded tracking page

Rush’s branded tracking page serves as the proxy of the landing page. It allows The Gasper to share as much information as they require and set it up right on their tracking page. The idea is to keep the customers updated and leverage their visit to the tracking page. This enables and encourages the customers to self-serve.

  • Track orders in real-time
  • Provide pre-shipment statuses and EDD
  • Display ETA
  • Offer deals and discounts
  • Make announcements regarding upcoming sales or events
  • House a FAQs section to answer common queries
  • Offer upsells, cross-sells, and featured products
  • Access to the product review page
The Gasper Tracking page
The Gasper Tracking page

Integration with 3rd party email messaging app

Rush seamlessly integrates with the best email messaging platforms like Klaviyo. This is where Rush and Kinga Dow take control of The Gasper’s email marketing strategy. Kinga specializes in email marketing using Klaviyo and Rush helps create email flows based on shipment triggers.

The Gasper Klaviyo Flows
The Gasper Klaviyo Flows

It translates into personalized email content and notifications based on Rush triggers. Klaviyo integration helps The Gasper to improve customer engagement and boost sales. Effective email marketing strategy involves creating opportunities to sell your brand and not just your products. Rush’s post-purchase automation ensures that the customers get notified with the 4 primary emails:

  • Order completed
  • Order in transit
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered or ready to pick up

This means at least four opportunities to upsell different products and personalize each email with content that is engaging and relevant to the customer’s buying behavior. Post-purchase is the right time to engage customers with more products from your brand and tailor the email content to match the customers’ original purchase.

The Gasper email template - new order
The Gasper email template - new order
The Gasper email template - delivered
The Gasper email template - delivered

Integration with LOOX for UGC

Digital marketing strategy involves back-and-forth communication with the customers. Rush enables The Gasper to integrate with LOOX, a review-collecting app, for collecting positive reviews, enhancing engagement, and building credibility.

Pre-shipment statuses and EDD

Rush incorporates pre-shipment statuses on the tracking page and predictive delivery dates on product pages. This allows The Gasper to display pre-shipment statuses for orders that take longer than usual fulfillment times. In addition, the EDD helps inform customers about the accurate order delivery date so that they can buy without worries. It ensures a better relationship with the customers and gives way to brand loyalty.

  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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