Regal Pawtraits lowered WISMO by 80% and developed an effective post-purchase strategy

Regal PawtraitsArt and crafts


Lower WISO




Return On Investment*

Regal Pawtraits experienced a dramatic 80% decrease in WISMO inquiries with self-service tracking page and pre-shipment statuses!

Pain points:

  • Due to the nature of business, Regal Pawtraits experiences a longer fulfillment time of 7 days on average. This leads to lots of customers queries regarding the order status
  • Timely notifying customers once the portrait is ready for shipment
  • Lower repeated sales


Rush helps Regal Pawtraits with:

  • Pre-shipment statuses to lower incoming WISMO queries
  • Answering customer questions with the branded tracking page
  • Email flow automation to inform and educate customers on the status



Los Angeles, United States


Art and crafts

Annual orders


Key features used


Regal Pawtraits and Rush

Regal Pawtraits takes the themes of royalty and pet lovers and combines them to create one regal portrait of the human and the furry members of your family. They aim to raise awareness for homeless pets. Initially, they did so by manually responding to each customer query. However, with the increase in demand, the support tickets started piling on and ultimately there were lots of customer queries and not many people to answer each one of them. This was further enforced because of longer fulfillment times and impatient clients.

Time to Rush

This is where Regal Pawtraits had to Rush and opt for a tracking solution that enables them to:

  • Proactively handle WISMO tickets
  • Customize the tracking page to fit the brand’s styling
  • Automate personalized email flows to raise awareness and enhance engagement
  • Collect reviews at the right time - after order is delivered, and customers are wow-ed.

Customizable tracking page

Regal Pawtraits integrated the Rush tracking page into their website and customized it with their company logo and brand colors to perfectly display their vision. With this new tracking page, they have handled WISMO concerns by

  • Enabling the customers to track orders directly from their website
  • Displaying the order and shipping details right on the tracking page, eliminating the need to contact the customer support team
  • Engaging the customers with featured products and allowing them to self-serve
  • Showing order status based on pre-shipments
Regal Pawtraits Tracking page
Regal Pawtraits Tracking page

Pre Shipments


Regal Pawtraits Pre shipment configuration
Regal Pawtraits Pre shipment configuration
Regal Pawtraits Pre shipment tracking page rendering
Regal Pawtraits Pre shipment tracking page rendering

Klaviyo email flows help inform and educate customers

Rush offers effective integrations with email messaging apps like Klaviyo. This feature enables Regal Pawtraits to send automated email flows to customers such as:

  • Automatically sending out order updates
  • Shipping notifications
  • Informing customers and raising awareness
  • Encouraging re-engagement

Regal Pawtraits utilized Klaviyo flows based on Rush triggers and generated additional revenue and their win back campaign was successful with a 50% open rate!

Regal Pawtraits Klaviyo x Rush performance
Regal Pawtraits Klaviyo x Rush performance
Regal Pawtraits Winback email design
Regal Pawtraits Winback email design
  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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