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Emailtize specializes in developing an effective marketing strategy for growing eCommerce brands. They partnered with Rush to increase revenue for their Australian client, Arms of Eve. Within a month of joining Rush, AOE saw an exceptional 5000% ROI utilizing Rush data and triggers!

Pain points:

  • Arms Of Eve wanted an effective email marketing strategy to generate additional revenue
  • They wanted email flows to act as additional revenue-generating streams


  • To help AOE with the email marketing strategy, Emailtize revamped all of their marketing flows and optimized each flow for maximum results
  • To boost the revenue further, they recommended AOE to install Rush for all of their stores and utilize the Rush expert post-purchase setup

Arms Of Eve: Origin and journey

AOE is a women’s accessories brand from Australia. They specialize in creating beautiful statement pieces for women to express themselves. Their adornments empower, encourage, inspire, and promote women.

Their mission statement, “more is more” is what drove them towards Rush and Emailtize. The goal was to

  • Develop an effective marketing strategy
  • Build a revenue generation stream from the post-purchase setup



Bondi Beach, Australia


Jewellery and accessories

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About Emailtize

Emailtize are marketing geniuses who strive to add value to their clients’ email marketing approach. They compose email flows using stylish and cool fonts to make them exciting and memorable, plus their emails natively fit into the brand’s style. With their successful email flows, Emailtize doubled the LTV for most of the first-time buyers after they started working on the brand.

How Emailtize helped AOE

AOE came to Emailtize with the goal of increasing revenue from their email marketing campaigns. This is what Emailtize accomplished:

  • Started with a flow remodeling
  • Optimized each flow for maximum results
  • Constant Slack communication to keep in the loop with their team

Head to their website to check out Arms Of Eve case study and find other resources.

Book a call with Emailtize.

Emailtize and Rush joined hands to help AOE

Before AOE, Emailtize, and Rush had already partnered on a few other brands to increase revenue for their clients. After seeing excellent results, Emailtize recommended Rush to AOE. Rush offers distinctive features such as

  • Native and seamless integration with Klaviyo and Omnisend
  • Expert post-purchase setup
  • Sending notifications regarding order delivery via email flows
  • Collecting reviews on autopilot
  • Personalized tracking page

While initially, AOE installed Rush to add another revenue stream to the store, they stuck around to avail of Rush’s advanced features and got more benefits on top.

Personalized tracking page

Rush offers an OS2 tracking page optimized for mobile and several other devices. It allows AOE’s customers to access the tracking page anytime, anywhere, and on their chosen devices. This tracking page is fully customizable and enables AOE to

  • Style it as part of the brand
  • Share order information like order status in transition and ETA
  • Display best-sellers, featured, and recommended products for upselling
  • Discounts, deals, and exclusive offers on other items.
  • Eliminate support tickets with a FAQs section
Arms Of Eve Tracking page
Arms Of Eve Tracking page

Email flows using Klaviyo integration

Rush offers pre-shipment statuses and smart EDD for customers to help along the purchase decision. While WISMO and customer support were not a serious issue for the AOE, such inquiries dropped further after AOE added pre shipments setup to the tracking page - related to their AVG of 2 days fulfillment time. In addition, the estimated delivery date helps the customers stay peaceful and schedule their time around the time of the order delivery. The EDD is a significant step in the post-purchase setup that allows AOE to share order information with their customers and keep them in the loop. This translates to a great customer experience and increases retention.

  • They generated $12K in 90 days from Rush flows
  • At some point during that time Rush flows delivered the most revenue
  • Emailtize fully revamped Klaviyo flows to double the value AOE gets in 90 days - both from flows and campaigns.
Arms Of Eve Klaviyo Flows
Arms Of Eve Klaviyo Flows
Arms Of Eve email branding
Arms Of Eve email branding

Collecting reviews on autopilot with Okendo

Being an eCommerce brand, it is crucial for AOE to be in the loop with their customers. They utilized Rush’s integration with product review apps like Okendo to boost reviews collection on autopilot. This has enabled AOE to send delivery updates and schedule product reviews a day after delivery.

Pre-shipment times & EDD

While WISMO and customer support was not serious issue for the AOE, such inquiries dropped further after AOE added pre shipments setup to the tracking page - related to their AVG of 2 days fulfilment time

Arms Of Eve pre-shipment configuration
Arms Of Eve pre-shipment configuration

Multistore access

With multistore access from a single account, and different user permissions, Rush makes it easy for customer support and other members to navigate between the brand stores.

Arms Of Eve pre-shipment configuration
Arms Of Eve pre-shipment configuration
  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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