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How dropshipping brand Ecletticos uses Rush to lower chargebacks, hide delivery origin, and create an additional revenue stream for its business!

Pain points:

  • A high volume of customer queries regarding order status via customer support live chat and emails.
  • Increase in order cancellations due to longer delivery times ~ 2 weeks in transit.
  • Customers canceling orders after seeing faraway locations as the country of origin or because of unfamiliar carrier tracking numbers. For example, China as the origin country or YunExpress tracking numbers.
  • Anxious customers leading to chargebacks.
  • Lower retention rate because of a poor post-purchase experience once customers see that merchandise travels from China.


Rush is an advanced tracking software that helps you keep in contact with your customers throughout their orders’ shipping process. It provided Ecletticos with the following:

  • Proactive shipping notifications
  • Automated shipping flows based on smart triggers to update customers on their orders’ current status
  • A branded tracking page for customers to view order details, estimated delivery time, and learn about the products and events regarding the brand.
  • Dropshipper package, including hiding order origin, masking carriers, find-and-replace, translating carrier message to native language, pre-shipment statuses and hiding map on Shopify Thank you page.
  • Integration with email messaging apps like Klaviyo to create personalized email flows
  • Integration with review apps to collect UGC on autopilot.



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Rush and Ecletticos

Ecletticos is a dropshipping brand specializing in home goods. They create products with the mindset of transforming an ordinary space into something cozy, comfortable, and true to your personality. Their brand is all about creating homey vibes, aesthetics, and comfort.

Before Rush, their tracking solution provided run-of-the-mill functions and nothing that would help them further their brand. They started struggling with serious issues like

  • A high volume of order cancellations by customers after seeing China as the origin country
  • Lots of non-picked or awaiting rescheduled orders after the delivery fails.
  • Lots of non-picked or awaiting rescheduled orders after the delivery fails.

The tickets piling up, order cancellations, and a lower retention rate lead to chaos and mismanagement.

Enter Rush

Ecletticos partnered with Rush to address all dropshipping issues regarding

  • Lowering customers' anxiety
  • Keeping customers informed
  • Automated shipping notifications
  • Tracking packages
  • Providing better customer self-service
  • Generating revenue via automation

A branded tracking page for customers to self-serve

Rush offers Ecletticos to customize the tracking page to match their branding style. They can display all sorts of related information on their tracking page like

  • At which transition point their order is.
  • How much time will it take their order to reach them.
  • Related products and items to their order.
  • Discounts, deals, and exclusive offers on other items.
  • Leaving a review for the current product, sharing feedback, etc.

How does this help Eclettico’s customers?

  • Allows customers to track their orders when visiting their site.
  • Initiates the concept of self-serving.
  • Creates a seamless experience for their customers and builds trust.
Ecletticos Tracking page
Ecletticos Tracking page

Dropshipper package

Rush presented Ecletticos with a special dropshipper package. This package is for online stores sourcing and storing products from different warehouses worldwide. It enabled Ecletticos with dropshipper-specific features such as

  • Hiding the country of origin like China, or any other country or region.
  • Finding and replacing parts of the carrier messages
  • Translating carrier messages to the native language of the customer
  • Masking carriers like YunExpress, SFExpress
  • Hiding Shopify map on the order Thank you page
  • Hiding Shop as track alternative to keep customers updated on location
  • Replacing international carriers like YunExpress or SFExpress’s tracking numbers with USPS (last mile carriers) as soon as they are in transit.

Replacing carriers' names and origin countries with familiar ones makes the customers feel secure about their orders and eliminates the risk of order cancellation, chargebacks, or negative reviews.

Pre-shipment statuses

Ecletticos utilizes the pre-shipment statuses that Rush offers to inform and update their customers regarding orders with a longer than usual fulfillment time. These pre-shipment statuses let their customers know that their order is being processed and will be dispatched in due time.

Klaviyo shipping notification flows to inform and educate customers

Ecletticos uses Klaviyo to create personalized email flows and send automated shipping updates to their customers. These flows help inform, educate, and update customers on the status of their orders and lower the chances of order cancellations, chargebacks, and negative reviews. Furthermore, it enables them to run personalized email marketing campaigns, drive sales, and generate revenue.

Let’s hear what the owner of the Ecletticos, Ryan Willging, has to say about Rush:

Since installing Rush, we’ve seen customer support tickets drop by 73%. Our returning customer rate has increased by 15% and we’ve made over 3000 and ad on sales directly from the Rush tracking page, a 300% ROI. The Rush team has been extremely responsive in helping us customize the tracking page, set up shipping notification flows using Klaviyo, and they’ve built reporting enabling us to proactively identify shipping issues and reach out to customers before they contact us. Our business wouldn’t be the same without Rush!
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  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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