Design Comfort adds 2% GMV Annually with post-purchase automation



revenue generated from tracking page


revenue generated from Klaviyo shipping flows


Return On Investment*

How dropshipping brand - DesignComfort utilized Rush’s Done-For-You (DFY) flows to increase customer retention by 8% and drove over $80k from automation and increase UGC with LOOX.

Pain points:

  • Lower customer retention
  • Poor post-purchase customer handling


Rush presented the DesignComfort team with features like

  • Branded tracking page to enforce brand voice and drive revenue
  • Email post-purchase communication to keep customers informed about their order.
  • Dropshipper package setup to minimize customer frictions

DesignComfort and Rush

DesignComfort is a women’s lingerie brand. They design and create women’s underwear that is comfortable, practical, and machine-washable. These underwear are made using super-absorbent fabric that lets women practice feminine hygiene without worrying about stains. Even with such an excellent product, the DesignComfort team had a serious issue with retaining customers. Women`s clothing is a really competitive industry and DesignComfort needed to have an identity that would set it apart from the rest.



Wylie, United States

Migrated from




Annual orders


Key features used


Enter Rush

Rush specializes in providing eCommerce business owners with customizations and personalization to create their own voices. Rush helped the DesignComfort team with:

  • Utilizing the tracking page for displaying order details and encouraging customers to buy again
  • Building personalized flows using Rush and Klaviyo integration
  • Creating robust post-purchase automation
  • Proactive communication with customers to increase customer satisfaction and decrease WISMO

A branded tracking page

Rush’s tracking page allows DesignComfort to accomplish the following:

  • Share order details like when it shipped, where in transition is it at, and the ETA
  • Make announcements regarding upcoming sales or offer deals or discounts on tracking page and order email notifications
  • Have a FAQ section to answer the most common queries
  • Enable customers to leave a LOOX review and share thoughts on their experience directly from tracking page
DesignComfort Tracking page
DesignComfort Tracking page

Done-for-you flows using Klaviyo

The Rush support team creates personalized flows unique to your business needs and automates them with triggers and events. DesignComfort has improved customer retention with these email flows using Rush and Klaviyo integration.

DesignComfort Klaviyo x Rush revenue
DesignComfort Klaviyo x Rush revenue
DesignComfort Klaviyo x Rush New order flow
DesignComfort Klaviyo x Rush New order flow
DesignComfort order confirmation email design
DesignComfort order confirmation email design

Pre Shipments

DesignComfort utilizes Rush’s pre-shipment statuses to lower customer anxiety - because of their longer fulfillment times.

DesignComfort Pre shipment configuration
DesignComfort Pre shipment configuration

Dropshipper package

Rush offered DesignComfort the dropshipper package. This package is for online stores sourcing and storing products from different warehouses worldwide. It enabled DesignComfort with dropshipper-specific features such as

Blacklisting: It enables DesignComfort to hide the country of origin like China, or any other country or region. Find and replace parts of the carrier messages as well.

DesignComfort blacklisting
DesignComfort blacklisting

Carrier masking: This allows DesignComfort to

  • Masking carriers like YunExress, and SFExpress
  • Replacing international carriers like YunExpress or SFExpress’s tracking numbers with USPS (last mile carriers) as soon as they are in transit.
DesignComfort carrier masking rule
DesignComfort carrier masking rule

Replacing carriers` names and origin countries with familiar ones makes the customers feel secure about their orders and eliminates the risk of order cancellation, chargebacks, or negative reviews.

Reports and analytics

Rush offers custom reports and unique insights based on different KPIs. The Rush business analysts create these reports on demand to help you understand your business requirements. This way, the DesignComfort team is able to predict and proactively handle any unforeseen circumstances.

DesignComfort Personal Data Analytics report
DesignComfort Personal Data Analytics report
  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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