The Anfield Shop added 3% GMV with single automation

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revenue generated from tracking page


revenue generated from Klaviyo shipping flows


Return On Investment*

How Rush’s Solutions Helped The Anfield Shop Grow append $50,000+ to their annual revenue

Pain points:

  • Customer support tickets piling on due to poor communication
  • Customizing tracking page components to fit their brand needs
  • Finding opportunities to drive more income and increase profit


Rush helped the Anfield Shop with:

  • A tracking page to keep the customers hyper-informed regarding common queries
  • Klaviyo integration to create personalized email content and develop effective marketing flows

The Anfield Shop: Origin story

Sports fans all over the world show love and support for their teams by taking part in different events, forming fan clubs, and wearing their colors. With this in mind, the founders of The Anfield Shop, Josh and Alisha started a company that specializes in official LFC merchandise and gear. The motivation struck when they couldn’t find their beloved Liverpool gear in Seattle. Now, it’s a business with state-of-the-art direct-to-garment printing equipment, carbon-neutral, and eco-friendly, unlike its major competitors.



Washington, United States



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Key features used


Moving towards Rush

Right from the start, the Anfield Shop decided to maintain small business values and treat each customer like family. That is why when customer queries started flooding in, they wanted to handle their customers’ concerns and answer their questions proactively.

This was when The Anfield Shop decided to opt for an omnichannel tracking suite to resolve these issues.

Personalized tracking page

Rush offers a tracking page with customizations and personalizations according to the Anfield Shop’s business needs. This enables The Anfield Shop to style its tracking page with Liverpool red colors. The tracking page allows The Anfield Shop to do the following:

  • Lower customer handling by offering a self-service order tracking page
  • Display order estimated delivery date, provided by Rush as their carriers do not support it.
  • Offer season-ending discounts or last-buys.
  • Effective product personalization with recommended products based on customers` purchase history.
  • Nicely fit within the page
Anfield Shop`s Tracking page
Anfield Shop`s Tracking page

Email flows using Klaviyo integration

The Klaviyo integration generates email campaigns based on Rush triggers. The Anfield Shop implemented this to send notifications based on specific triggers and generate personalized content. They experienced a $45,000 increase in sales just from order delivery flow.

Anfield Shop Klaviyo Flows
Anfield Shop Klaviyo Flows
Anfield Shop new order flow
Anfield Shop new order flow
Anfield Shop new order email content
Anfield Shop new order email content

Collecting product reviews with integration

Rush integrates with review-collecting apps like to help brands collect social proof on autopilot. This integration has helped the Anfield Shop collect customer reviews a single day after delivery and has generated positive social buzz regarding the product`s quality.

Predictive delivery date

To keep customers from getting anxious, Rush provides accurate delivery times based on real-world conditions.

Estimated delivery date near Add to cart button
Estimated delivery date near Add to cart button
  1. ROI is calculated as (GMV generated from tracking page and emails / app subscription and usage costs) * 100. The attribution model is based on the first or the last touch point and is 30-min session-based.

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