Rush Cookie Policy

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small amount of information the web server sends to the web browser, allowing the server to collect feedback from the browser. The user can choose to delete the cookies using the options of each browser. The cookies, used by the Administrator, are related to the functionality of this site, the site’s performance, such that allow the user preferences to be remembered, etc. More information about cookies can be found at:

What are web beacons?

Web beacons are files that allow a web site to collect information about the number of users who have visited it and to have access to their cookies. Cookies make it possible to recognize the user’s device and to adapt the content of the site to its preferences. More information about web beacons can be found at:

What types of cookies use this website – https://*

Basically, our cookies perform 3 different features with third party cookies having two features:

1. Technical Cookies
Technical cookies help the user to use the website or provide services that are required by the site. Without these cookies, some operations may not be possible, or they will be more complex to run and / or less secure for the user.

2. Navigation Cookies
We use navigation cookies to allow users to browse and use the website in a safe and effective way.

3. Functional cookies
We use functional cookies for activities that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website. For example, functional cookies allow us to remember our users’ preferences.

4. Analytical third-party cookies
We may use cookies on the Google Analytics platform to collect information about the use of the website by users (number of users, visited pages, time spent on the website, etc.). In those cases we shall use Google Analytics to achieve our legitimate interests, namely:Improving site functionality and delivering better service and products by tracking core metrics such as: site visits and individual pages, time spent on individual pages, data – giving us more insight on how, when and from where the site is used and so on.To manually deny Google Analytics cookies, you can use this link.

5. Profiling third-party cookies
The https://* website may use profiling cookies, incl. Facebook cookies (for which User consent is required) that seek to identify User interests and provide customized service by sending advertisements according to user preferences while he was surfing the Internet.

More about third party cookies.

We use or permit third parties to use cookies on our site to provide personalized content or service improvements.

We may use third-party cookies to help us market research, track revenue, improve functionality, and monitor compliance with our policies and conditions.

Why are cookies important?

Cookies help the functionality of the website, as well as the creation if a specific pattern of user preferences and interests. Therefore, disabling or disabling cookies may cause the site to fail to function properly.

Some examples of the important role of cookies are:

  • Content and services adapted to user preferences – product and service categories;
  • Remember chosen license;
  • Measurement, optimization, and analytics features – verifying a level of traffic on the website, what kind of content is visualized, and how a user reaches a website (e.g., search engines, directly, other websites, etc.).

We use these analyzes to improve the site for the benefit of its Users.

Do we use cookies that contain personal data?

By itself, cookies do not require personal information to be used and most often do not identify the Internet users’ personality. Personal data collected when using cookies can only be collected to facilitate the user. These data are encrypted in a way that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing them. Few cookies used on this website contain data that could identify a User.

How do I disable cookies?

All modern browsers let you change your cookie settings. Typically, you can find these settings in the options or preferences menu of your browser. To manually disable cookies or to be aware of these settings, the following links can help or you can use the Help button from your browser menus for more details:

To set cookies from third parties, the user can use the following address:Your Online Choices site.

In the event the User has disabled cookies from the website we do not guarantee the proper functioning of the website.

The rejection of all cookies will delete them from and may remove functionalities on the site.

When visiting the site, you accept the use of session cookies. By clicking the “Accept” button you agree to the use of all cookies from the site; incl. and those who may collect personal data for the purposes stated in this policy and Terms of Use. At any time, you can accept or reject cookies.

You can also set up cookies using the built-in cookie setup module.

Communication and dissemination of data

The data collected through cookies can be processed by our employees and agents as “internal data processors” (i.e. persons who, through the direct authority of the Controller have the right to process personal data, as defined in Article 4, paragraphs 10 and 29 of GDPR) and the external Data processors.

User rights

In connection with the processing of your data, the user may exercise the rights specified in Art. 15 to Art. 22 of the GDPR provision (described in the Privacy Policy). For exercising these rights, the user may contact the data controller submitting a written notice to the address listed below or an email to:

Communication and dissemination of data

Data Controller is Rush Ltd., having its registered seat and address of management in 13 Knyazhevska Str., block of flats Yuta, entr. B, fl. 2, apt. 14, city of Ruse, Bulgaria, registered in the Trade Register by the Registry Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria with UIC 206094250 and represented by the Managing director Kiril Kirilov (“Provider”, “we”, “us”, “Administrator”, “Data Controller”).

Data may also be handled by trusted companies that provide technical and organizational support on behalf of us. These companies are our direct associates and are appointed as Data Processors.